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A note from our Headteacher

Welcome to our amazing Primary School!  We are so proud of our school, our pupils and all they achieve. Our motto – ‘achieving and growing together’ really sums up what we are about at St Michael’s and what a special place it is in which to work and learn. Our children are at the heart of all we do here at St Michael’s. We aim to work with you and your child to provide the best education we can, within a caring and loving environment; an environment in which your child can grow as a whole person and develop the Christian values of friendship, koinonia (fellowship), compassion, forgiveness, trust, wisdom, thankfulness, humility, endurance, service, peace, justice, hope and creation.

As a Church school we enjoy strong links with our local parish Church, St. Michael’s, and the Diocese of Durham and Newcastle. Together we believe that the teachings of a Christian faith are as relevant today, if not more so than ever before. This underpins our distinctive ethos and what we teach, how we worship and how we live. We hope our website will give you a window into the life of our school, provide you with the information that you need and promote a supportive partnership between home and school, which is so vital to your child’s happiness, well-being and their educational progress.

Mr G Johnston, Headteacher

"Achieving and growing together"

St Michael's C of E Primary School

"We are the seeds. Our school is the good ground which provides everyone with all they need to grow and achieve."

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