After our recent inspection by Ofsted in November 2022 we are proud and delighted to announce that the inspectors have concluded that St Michael’s is a GOOD school. This is a huge achievement. The school wants to thank everyone who had a part to play in this grading. The report is attached below and I include here some of my favourite quotes from the full report. Please read and enjoy it:

St Michael’s Church of England Primary is a caring, welcoming school.

The values of respect and compassion are reflected in everything the school does.

They are highly respectful of one another and the adults working with them.

The oldest pupils in school are exceptional role models to others.

They talk with pride about recognising the achievements of others when giving speeches in the celebration assembly.

Parents and carers are overwhelmingly positive about the support they receive from all staff

Leaders have designed an ambitious curriculum for all pupils

Learning to read is central to the school’s work. Early reading is taught well.

Phonics sessions are delivered effectively by highly skilled staff.

Children in the early years, including those in the provision for two-year-olds, get off to a good start with their learning.

Pupils’ personal development is very important in this school. They are effusive when they talk about the rights of individuals.

Teachers prepare pupils to be good citizens.

Leaders ensure that school is inclusive.

Adults know pupils and their families incredibly well.